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Happy New Year!
Happy new year to everybody. I hope many of you are still enjoying Dracis despite the lack of development these days. :)
3 comments | posted by: Oliver | Saturday, 01.01.11 14:54
Move completed
Move has been completed. Things seem much faster on here.
Hope I thought of everything. Please send me a message if things break. :)
5 comments | posted by: Oliver | Tuesday, 27.10.09 00:26
Got a new server today. Big beast. So I'll move Dracis onto it asap, at which point there will be some downtime. Hopefully done quickly... last time it went quite well, IIRC.
The plan is to move it tonight. (around 7pm UTC)
make comment | posted by: Oliver | Monday, 26.10.09 11:27
Tien Len up again
Oops, just saw that Tien Len was down for some time. That flew under my radar.

Cheers, Adrian, for pointing it out.
3 comments | posted by: Oliver | Monday, 27.07.09 10:42
Forums fixed
There has been a huge increase in "Internal Server Errors" lately, as some of you noted. Especially posting on the forums often caused them and resending the post then resulted in double posts. The error was a timeout because there was too much database stuff. I optimized it quite a bit, and it seems to respond snappily again now. Hope that'll sort it.
2 comments | posted by: Oliver | Sunday, 17.05.09 16:20
New website is entering planning stage
I'm planning a new website with new and better servers and clients, concentrating fully on Tien Len.

For this I value any input or suggestions you Tien Len players might have, so I made this forum:
Please just post about things that could be done better, features you miss, whatever. All input is helpful and welcome.

I'm also planning a limited beta-run for the site, which will be open for a few who want to sign up or something, but the site is far from that stage still, and I haven't decided how that'll be organized. Interest can be announced in the forum as well, tho.

I will make some plans and planned features public in the forum soon, so you can comment on them as well.
7 comments | posted by: Oliver | Monday, 20.04.09 11:01
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